Fitness Takes Time


Running slow is hard.  It doesn't feel natural.  I feel like I'm bouncing up and down, and based on my sore back, I probably am.  I want to just stretch my legs out and run fast!

But that isn't the purpose of the workouts I'm doing right now.  The purpose is to build up the fitness that I lost over the winter, and even more while I sat around waiting for my ankle to heal.  And this is done by running with a heart rate below 80% of max.  This allows the circulatory system to adjust to the new demand placed upon it, and become more efficient.  If I keep my heart rate below this level, and steadily increase my mileage over time, the speed will come.  Eventually I will be running faster, and at the same heart rate.

If I try to cheat, and run at a higher heart rate now, my circulatory system will not benefit as much, and I will risk injury.   So I need to check my ego, and run (shuffle?) at this slow pace, knowing that it is the best plan for me.

And while I'm at it, I am trying to focus on my form.  Is my head up?  Am I standing tall?  Are my forearms horizontal and my elbows behind my body?  Am I using my hamstrings and my glutes to pull my legs back behind my body?  These are a few of the items I try to remember to think about while I'm out training. 

Remember, there is a purpose for every training session.  Focus on the purpose, not your lap times.