Finally Done!!!


Take a look at the picture above.  Do you see anything special?


Well, I really didn’t expect you to see anything.  But here’s the deal.  This is the completion of a project that I started 10 years ago. 

10 YEARS!!!

Anyone that knows me, knows that I have a task oriented mentality.  I make lists and I complete them.  Usually I complete them within the week, since I don’t add anything that can’t be completed in a short time frame.  That’s because I rarely start a new task until the previous one is completed.

10 years ago I designed a fabricated an outdoor wood burning stove to heat my house.  That project took most of the winter.  In the spring I insulated and finished off my basement walls, and then ran baseboard heaters to the rooms.  My intention was to install a suspended ceiling and carpet

But then I rediscovered golf.  And wood cutting.  It seemed like all my spare time was spent either cutting/splitting/stacking wood, or enjoying a little golf.  In the back of my mind I planned to finish the basement, but I never seemed to have the time.  And I never start a project that I can’t complete in a reasonable time frame.

Eventually I discovered triathlon, and realized I didn’t have enough time for all of it.  So I stopped golfing, and a couple of years later I quit burning wood.  Running, biking and swimming seemed to consume me.

But I finally made the commitment a few weeks ago to finish this project.  It really has been nagging at me for several years.  I now feel a little more at ease, knowing that it’s done.  And in a few weeks we will have the carpet installed.