Coming Back From Injury


This was me.  3 months ago.  I was in the build phase of my 1/2 Ironman training when I was involved in a work related accident and broke my ankle.  Long story short, the doctor screwed me back together and 4 weeks later took the cast off.  I asked him when I could start running again, and he said "as soon as you think you can".  I was elated!  I got up off from the table and headed for the door...and almost fell over.

I looked at the doctor, who was smiling.  He asked, "do you think you can?"

I'd never had a cast before, but I certainly didn't think I would lose all strength in my ankle in a short 4 weeks.  But I sure did.  I could only walk by keeping a stiff leg, and walking on my heel.  If I tried to put any pressure on the ball of my foot, I'd fall over.

The doctor assured me that it was completely normal, and that I would regain my strength eventually.  He said that it might take up to a year for the swelling to go down, and that I'd always know when a storm was brewing.

I rushed home and Googled ankle mobility exercises.  I worked daily trying to strengthen my calf and ankle.  I still remember the day that I could do one single calf raise!  It was then that I became more confident that I would be able to run again.

And I did.  In the past week, I've ran 16 miles, and biked 16 miles.  They were slow, which is another hurdle I need to overcome, but at least I am back in the game.  For now, I just need to remember that slow is good.  The bone and soft tissues are still healing.